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Most of us who have access to an email address would be more than familiar with junk mail, also known as spam. Irrelevant and unwanted emails from people we never knew always seem to find their way into our inboxes. So when a local email marketing solution provider stated that they provide results even with zero tolerance for spam, people were definitely interested to find out more.

Three60 Marketing was founded by entrepreneur, Lawrence Lim, and started out by offering Virtual Tour Photography. Only recently did they incorporate Email Marketing into their suite of services. Lawrence believes that while email marketing is an essential online marketing tool, it does not have to breach the privacy of innocent bystanders just to obtain results.

This is obtained through what is known as permission-based marketing. Companies must receive permission from email address owners before including them into their email campaign. Three60 Marketing enforces this approach by accepting only permission-based databases, and will take serious actions against customers who send out spam. In addition, contacts that unsubscribe from an email campaign are assured that they will be taken off the list with immediate effect.

Email marketing solutions by Three60 marketing are summed up as being easy, simple and affordable. This is so the solutions remain inline with their vision of helping SMEs leverage on the Internet to enhance their marketing online. Aside from being affordable, their solutions also guarantee smooth and hassle-free delivery of professional electronic mailers to any number of recipients, be it 100 or over 100,000.

When asked whether email marketing is still an effective tool for marketing products and services, Lawrence replied with a confident “yes”. He elaborated that email marketing is a solution that is affordable, highly targeted, measurable and reaches their target audience within minutes to hours. Being measurable is a huge advantage over several other marketing efforts, allowing companies to spend more wisely and focus on contacts that want to receive information from them.

Companies looking to find out more about the email marketing solutions by Three60 marketing can visit their website at or contact them directly at [email protected]


Three60 Marketing is a Singapore-based company that started off by offering Virtual Tour Photography. Since then, we have incorporated several more services into our suite of online marketing solutions. These include:
- Web Development (specialising in CMS)
- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
- Local Business Marketing
- Email Marketing Services

Three60 Marketing was started with a vision: To help as many SMEs as possible, by leveraging on the Internet to enhance their marketing online. We wish to help small and medium enterprises that are less Internet savvy, or those still lacking an online presence to maximise their returns through intelligent online marketing.

Marketing online is not exclusively for tech wizards nor is it out of reach for the man in the street. We wish to ensure that this remains true, even for the smallest, ‘one-man-show’ companies.


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