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Negative Ion Clothing

Are you troubled by chronic disease, unknown pain and aches?

How can negative ions improve your health? Discover the secret.

Amazing Negative Ions Negative Ions have four(4) amazing effects

1. Purifies the blood, regulating its PH balance and stimulates circulation.

2. Enhances the body's immune system, so you do not get sick or catch cold easily.

3. Rejuvenates the cells, stimulates cell metabolism.

4. Regulates autonomic nerves, enhancing your health. Negative Ions help you maintain a healthy level of calcium in the blood serum, which is 4 milligrams of calcium per 100cc of blood serum

Teviron products are healthy garments worn outside of the body, there is no need to worry about the side effects. Wearing Teviron negative ion cloths will enhance your body condition and health.

Hurom HU-100 Slow Juicer - International Top-Seller Design

- Hurom slow juicer provides maximum nutrients from fruits and vegetable, this compact slow masticating juicer has a unique low-speed mechanism to process foods extremely efficiently.
- Two-stage low-speed system first crushes the food, then presses it to produce the highest juice yield.
- Won’t aerate juice.
- By extracting the juice instead of grinding the juice (like other juicers) it provides 35% more juice and maintains up to 60% more vitamins when juicing certain fruits and vegetables.
- Works with fruit, vegetables, wheatgrass, greens, nuts and soybeans to make everything from juice and soups to tofu.
- Automatically extrudes pulp into an internal strainer.
- Quiet motor works efficiently without heat buildup.
- Simple to assemble and convenient handle for effortless operation.
- The auger and single strainer are made of extremely durable ULTEM plastic, eight times stronger than other plastics.
- Measures 9-3/4 inches long by 6-3/4 inches wide by 15-3/4 inches high; 10-year warranty. Includes instruction manual
- Includes one screen that does fine and course items, pulp extraction plugs, self-cleaning screen holder, two 50-ounce juicing cups, tamper, brush
- Small footprint, quiet operation, beautiful design with carrying handle; easy self-cleaning feature

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