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35 Jurong West Street 41, Singapore 649406


35 Jurong West Street 41, Singapore 649406

Estate:Jurong West

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Primary School

Shuqun Primary School (0.11km)Rulang Primary School (0.41km)Lakeside Primary School (1.12km)
Boon Lay Garden Primary School (1.17km)Jurong Primary School (1.21km)Corporation Primary School (1.72km)
Fuhua Primary School (2.01km)Princess Elizabeth Primary School (2.06km)Yuhua Primary School (2.12km)
West Grove Primary School (2.62km)Jurong West Primary School (2.77km)Hong Kah Primary School (2.93km)

Secondary School

Fuhua Secondary School (0.49km)Hua Yi Secondary School (0.55km)Yuan Ching Secondary School (0.74km)
Hong Kah Secondary School (0.74km)Jurongville Secondary School (0.88km)Jurong Secondary School (1.93km)
Shuqun Secondary School (2.04km)Bukit Batok Secondary School (2.04km)Commonwealth Secondary School (2.29km)
Boon Lay Secondary School (2.35km)Westwood Secondary School (2.44km)Jurong West Secondary School (2.6km)

Tertiary School

Jurong Junior College (1.09km) 


Jurong West Community (2.14km)Jurong East Regional (2.47km)Bukit Batok Community (3km)

MRT Station

EW 26 - Lakeside (0.39km)EW 25 - Chinese Garden (1.25km)EW 27 - Boon Lay (2.09km)
EW 24/NS 1 - Jurong East (2.68km) 

Bus Interchange

Boon Lay (2.15km)Jurong East (2.55km) 

Nearest HDB road names

Boon Lay Avenue (1.35km)Boon Lay Drive (1.18km)Boon Lay Place (0.98km)
Bukit Batok Central (2.99km)Bukit Batok Street 11 (2.3km)Bukit Batok Street 22 (2.98km)
Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 (2.49km)Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 (2km)Corporation Drive (1.54km)
Ho Ching Road (1.46km)Jurong East Avenue 1 (1.77km)Jurong East Street 13 (2.29km)
Jurong East Street 21 (2.55km)Jurong East Street 24 (2.2km)Jurong East Street 31 (0.88km)
Jurong East Street 32 (1.29km)Jurong West Avenue 1 (0.41km)Jurong West Avenue 3 (2.03km)
Jurong West Avenue 5 (2.83km)Jurong West Central 1 (1.95km)Jurong West Street 24 (1.82km)
Jurong West Street 25 (2.24km)Jurong West Street 41 (0.4km)Jurong West Street 42 (0.65km)
Jurong West Street 51 (0.15km)Jurong West Street 52 (0.43km)Jurong West Street 61 (2.83km)
Jurong West Street 62 (2.65km)Jurong West Street 64 (2.16km)Jurong West Street 65 (2.5km)
Jurong West Street 72 (2.6km)Jurong West Street 73 (2.52km)Jurong West Street 74 (2.59km)
Jurong West Street 75 (2.37km)Kang Ching Road (0.96km)Tah Ching Road (1.09km)
Tao Ching Road (1.61km)Toh Guan Road (2.66km)Yuan Ching Road (0.96km)
Yung An Road (1.33km)Yung Ho Road (2.33km)Yung Kuang Road (1.76km)
Yung Loh Road (2.2km)Yung Ping Road (1.97km)Yung Sheng Road (1.47km)

Nearest Condo projects

Caspian (0.59km)Ivory Heights (1.77km)Kang Ching Road Apartments (0.86km)
Lakeholmz (1km)Lakepoint Condo (1km)Lakeside Apartments (1.33km)
Lakeside Tower (1.13km)Parc Oasis (1.35km)Parc Vista (0.72km)
Parkview Mansions (1.62km)Summerdale (1.28km)The Centris (2.17km)
The Floravale (2.83km)The Jade (2.95km)The Lakefront Residences (0.57km)
The Lakeshore (0.22km)The Mayfair (1.23km)Westmere (1.95km)
Yuan Ching Road Apartments (0.72km) 

Nearest Landed Housing projects

Lakeside Grove (1.07km)The Woods (2.82km)Westville (2.86km)
Westwood Park (2.43km)